Drove of Brown Hares Cornwall

After many days researching areas in Cornwall and then scouting site locations, I have found a drove of hares in Cornwall, yes Cornwall. When you see the area in person you can understand why the hares have made it their home. An extensive network of expansive arable fields, the boundaries are either narrow single track roads or low lying grass banked Cornish boundaries that a hare can run over easily or stand on for a better vantage point. I would describe the location as rolling fields, so this very alert mammal has some good vantage points. Adjecent is a little woodland for cover when bad weather comes.

I'm really looking forward to learning more of this drove of hares, already there are some quite characterful individuals. I do so love British wildlife.

Brown Hare
123... Coming Ready or Not
Brown Hare  Running Away
Brown Hare chilling in morning sun
Brown Hare Lying low in scrape
Brown Hare running through arable field

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