Drove of Brown Hares Cornwall

After many days researching areas in Cornwall and then scouting site locations, I have found a drove of hares in Cornwall, yes Cornwall. When you see the area in person you can understand why the hares have made it their home. An extensive network of expansive arable fields, the boundaries are either narrow single track roads or low lying grass banked Cornish boundaries that a hare can run over easily or stand on for a better vantage point. I would describe the location as rolling fields, so this very alert mammal has some good vantage points. Adjecent is a little woodland for cover when bad weather comes.

I'm really looking forward to learning more of this drove of hares, already there are some quite characterful individuals. I do so love British wildlife.

Brown Hare
123... Coming Ready or Not
Brown Hare  Running Away
Brown Hare chilling in morning sun
Brown Hare Lying low in scrape
Brown Hare running through arable field

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Brown Hare - Cornwall

Hares are ever so much in decline sadly due to hunting and farming practices along with change of land use, I was lucky to have seen this beauty on a walk one summers evening in 2018 in Cornwall. If you are lucky enough to see a hare or hares please contact South-West Action For Hares (SWAFH)as they are doing a survey in Cornwall and Devon. SWAFH encourage farms signed up to the Natural England scheme which favour hares. Uncultivated field margins are a management option which provides hares with the wild forage they prefer to cultivated plants and cover to rear their young.

Red Deer Hind
Cornwall Hare

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Deer in Cornwall

I have seen 4 types of deer in Cornwall so far, Muntjac, Red, Fallow and Roe Deer. The easiest to locate are fallow and Roe deer.

The best times to locate these beautiful creatures, is sunrise and sunset, although they can be found in certain areas at all times of the day. They tend to retreat into woods in the daytime, where they rest. Locating a good sized wood with a meadow running alongside is where I would start, then in the evening if your quiet you may see them emerge.

Tips to spot deer, dont wear bright clothing, try and be as quiet and still as possible and try to find a location that is downwind of them, as they they have very good sense of smell.

When i go to photography deer, i wear a ghillie suit so i blend in with my surroundings, I have had deer walk within 6 feet of where i'm hidden, when this happens it takes your breath away.

Here a few photographs of deer I have taken in different locations throughout Cornwall.

Red Deer Hind
Deer Wood
Deer WS PH12428
WEB PH12517
Deer2 Web
Roe Deer Bodmin

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Red Deer on Exmoor

One morning I left Cornwall at 2am to drive to the moors on Exmoor for a days photography. On the drive I had no real expectations of what would happen that day. Arriving on the moor, it was pitch black and foggy, so I pulled my camper van over in a flat area to park up. It was warm, so just sat there with my flask of coffee waiting for the sun to rise and show me the way. From the dark foggy moor, the most exciting sound came on the wind… A red deer stag erupted the silence with the most awesome bellow, I have heard Roe deer barking but this sound was just magical.

Red Deer Stag
Red Deer
Red Deer Stag
Red Deer Hind
Red Deer Hind Back
Red Deer Hind

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Short Eared Owls - Cornwall

Short eared owls in Cornwall, YES very happy to have many a day observing a pair of SEO in Cornwall. These owls can be seen hunting during the day, though they hate too much wind and dont normally come out in the rain as there feathers get really water logged.

Cornwall Hare
Short Eared Owl Flight
Short Eared Owl

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